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Pay equity is about fairness. At its core, pay equity is about ensuring that work done by women is valued the same way as work done by men. In a pay equitable world, no matter your gender, you receive equal pay for work of equal value. That means if two different jobs contribute equal value to their employer, then the people in those positions should receive equal pay. 

Pay equity makes good business sense – it helps businesses attract and retain good talent, and it helps build stronger economies. It is also the right thing to do – it is a commitment to fairness and gender equality. 

The role of the Office of the Pay Equity Commissioner at the Canadian Human Rights Commission is to promote pay equity in federal public and private sector organizations. The Commission administers and enforces the Pay Equity Act, and supports federally regulated employers to take a proactive approach to correct gender wage gaps within their organizations. This includes:

  • Providing tools and guidance to employers, employees and their representatives;
  • Resolving disputes, ensuring compliance, and supporting employers to achieve compliance; 
  • Developing educational tools and guidelines in collaboration with stakeholders and experts;
  • Raising awareness of new rights and obligations established by the Pay Equity Act;
  • Reaching out to stakeholders to facilitate collaborative relationships.
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