About Us

Our Mandate

Our vision is a society that values the work done by women. The mandate of the Pay Equity Unit is to promote women’s equality by ensuring that federal public and private sector organizations value work done by women in the same way they value work done by men. 

The Pay Equity Commissioner administers and enforces the Pay Equity Act by: providing tools and guidance to employers, employees and their representatives; resolving disputes; and ensuring compliance with the Act.

Our Work

The Pay Equity Act encourages federally regulated employers to take a proactive approach to pay equity. This means taking a closer look at their practices and correcting gender wage gaps within their organizations. The Pay Equity Unit works to promote pay equity and provide support and tools to these organizations so they can fully realize pay equity in their workplaces.

Resources: The Pay Equity Unit will provide tools and guidance to employers, employees, and their representatives about their new obligations under the Act and how to achieve pay equity within their organizations. The Unit will also be responsible for developing educational tools and guidelines, in collaboration with stakeholders and experts, to provide information broadly about pay equity.

Enforcement: The Pay Equity Commissioner is responsible for ensuring that federally regulated organizations comply with the Act. The Commissioner is responsible for resolving disputes, ensuring compliance, and supporting employers to achieve compliance.

Support and Engagement: Pay Equity Unit will reach out to stakeholders to facilitate collaborative relationships, as well as support employers on their path to achieving pay equity in their organizations.

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