Pay Equity Toolkit


The Pay Equity Plan Toolkit is designed to help small to medium sized federally regulated organizations create their pay equity plan.

Download the Pay Equity Plan Toolkit.

The Pay Equity Plan Toolkit includes:

  • Pay Equity Plan Tool
    The Pay Equity Tool helps employers gather and organize the information they need to build their pay equity plan. That includes determining job classes and gender predominance and calculating compensation.
  • Pay Equity Plan Summary Template
    This template helps employers organize the information entered in the Pay Equity Tool to meet the requirements of the Act. The template can be printed and posted.
  • User Guide
    The user guide explains how to use the Pay Equity Tool to create your pay equity plan.
  • Job Evaluation Guide
    This guide helps employers understand the principles of job evaluation and how to use the Pay Equity Tool to apply this method.
  • Hourly Calculator
    An Excel tool to convert annual salary to an hourly amount.
  • Case Study
    The case study demonstrates the steps an organization takes to create their first pay equity plan using the Pay Equity Tool as a guide.
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