Group of Employers

What can you request?

You can request to be recognized as a group of employers
(Section 106 of the Pay Equity Act).


Employers that are part of the same industry, that have similar pay practices and have jobs with similar duties and responsibilities, can request to be recognized as a single employer. If the formation of a group of employers is approved, all of the employers in the group have the same timeline to meet their obligations and must then prepare a single plan that covers all of the employees of the group of employers.

Assessment Process

We will assess if:

  • The employers are part of the same industry: the employers perform the same or similar lines of work, which provide a closely related set of products, goods or services;
  • The employers have similar compensation practices: the employers share common characteristics in the way that compensation is determined and paid. For instance, we may assess information about the employers’ salary structure, benefits, and human resources policies;
  • The employers have positions with similar duties and responsibilities, including positions with similar requirements and skills, use of the same equipment or processes, completion of the same or similar tasks, and similar levels of responsibility and authority.
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