Multiple Pay Equity Plans

What can you request?

You can request to establish more than one pay equity plan
(Section 107 of the Pay Equity Act).


The Pay Equity Act requires employers to develop one pay equity plan for their whole workforce. However, there may be some circumstances that justify the establishment of more than one plan.

An employer, or a group of employers, or any bargaining agent or representative of the non-unionized employees may apply for authorization to develop multiple pay equity plans.

Assessment Process

After we have received an application and given opportunities to those affected by the application to provide evidence and representations, we will assess whether:

  • There are enough predominately male job classes to compare compensation in each plan. This includes assessing both the quantity and quality of male job classes.
  • The circumstances are appropriate for establishing multiple plans and, where applicable, whether the outcome will be consistent with the purpose of the Act.
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