Compensation Comparison Method

What can you request?

You can request authorization to use a different compensation comparison method (Section 111 of the Pay Equity Act).


An employer or pay equity committee must either use the equal average or the equal line method to compare compensation while developing or updating a pay equity plan.

In the case of an employer or a group of employers without a pay equity committee, an authorization by the Pay Equity Commissioner is required before a different comparison method can be used.

However, if a pay equity committee determines that neither method can be used, they can use a different compensation comparison method, without the need for an authorization.

Assessment Process

We will assess:

  • The reasons provided by the employer that neither the equal average method nor the equal line method can be used.
  • If it is appropriate to authorize the employer’s proposed method of comparison of compensation, including if the use of the different method is consistent with the purposes and goals of the Pay Equity Act.
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